She went through the lowest of lows but has survived and thrived. She became a person with a powerful mind, strong heart, and determined soul. And in this new story woven as a Vision of Inspiration for women everywhere, author Michailah Belle hopes that she will be able to inspire readers, especially those women who are feeling hopeless and downtrodden.


In these pages, readers will find a stirring story about love, abuse, mental health, and faith. Going through life, hating one’s self, and wanting to die, people feel this because they think they could never be enough or perfect for those who claim they love them. These people who claim they love them are the same ones that betray them the most. Honesty, loyalty, and real love are extremely hard to find these days.


This book will prove the obstacles and tribulations she has had to go through to find it. This book is controversial and will have readers think outside of the box. People will be set free. People’s minds keep them enslaved to humanity and the author believes she’s the messenger to help them out of bondage.


This book is available online and can be purchased at online bookstores; Writers Republic, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


About the Author

Michailah Belle is a mother, philanthropist, mentor, owner of Loud House Incorporation and non-profit organization, and an extraordinaire. She is a woman who has been beaten in all prospects in life from every angle, and who has found true love, regained herself and self-love. All her life, she has been beaten and almost murdered on multiple occasions. When a woman speaks from her heart and mind, she’s too often considered garbage and she’s treated less than a pesky bug. She broke the generational chains and curses that were put upon her family bloodline. She is very strong-willed and independent and she never gives up.

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