I don’t know wtf 2 say! My mind be every fucking where. I’m always overthinking and overreacting. A Fuck’n time bomb waiting 2 explode! I’ve been hurt so many times I can no longer fathom a false reality. Shit inside my head that’s not happening in real life. Or is it? Ik I’m alive and well, but something keeps telling me 2 wake up. Am I asleep? Makes u wonder am I living a dream or am I living in a reality? I wonder??? My mind is always thinking. I’m always thinking of the negatives and positives of every circumstance and situation. The Love God gave me is outstanding and the knowledge. Knowledge and patience are the key 2 success. slow and easy. God will lead u, or Satan. Seems 2 me they the same fuck’n entity anyways. It’s ur faith, what do u believe in? At the end of the day we all believe in summn, right? I identify as a Reaper, and I also Identify as an fallen Angel. I bring souls 2 God. In ways no1 could ever imagine. I am The Exposcious Cartel.

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